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PNB located 20 panels of cocaine in a house 

The cache weighed 23 kilos and 75 grams.

A batch of 20 panels of cocaine were located in a house located on Hugo Chávez Avenue, Tucacas (Falcón), according to police sources. 

The procedure was carried out by agents of the Bolivarian National Police (PNB) assigned to the Anti-Drug Division. The drug panels were covered with yellow labels and black letters that drew the initials HC1.

The stash weighed 23 kilos 75 grams. During the operation, Wilson Gómez Rodríguez (63) and Carlos Javier Primera Trejo (49) were detained and handed over to the Public Ministry.

Another anti-drug procedure was carried out at the Zoom parcel company located in the Altamira sector, Maracaibo (Zulia) where military officials thwarted the shipment of 5 kilos 998 grams of cocaine.

The drugs were hidden in four rolls of wallpaper that would be sent to the United States. Due to this fact, the sender of the order, Ángel Antonio Chacín Vílchez, was arrested, from whom a telephone equipment and a Haojin Águila motorcycle, black, license plate AB4L72F, were seized. 

They also captured in Zulia a subject of Colombian nationality registered as Eliécer Enrique Arias Fajardo, who is indicated as the articulator and organizer of that structured group linked to drug shipments to the United States, according to the report of Detachment 111 of the Guard Bolivarian National (GNB). 

They seized from Arias a Smith & Wesson revolver, .38 caliber with four unfired cartridges, a 22 mm caliber rifle, with no visible mark or serial number, with eleven unfired cartridges, a vacuum packaging machine, a digital scale and a telephone equipment. .

And in the El Cementerio sector, García De Hevia municipality, Táchira state, the military seized ten packages of marijuana, weighing five kilos and one hundred and sixty-two grams, and 29 mini-packages of cocaine (646 grams). hidden in an anime cellar.

They also confiscated a Taurus 9 mm pistol, with an additional magazine and a black Suzuki GN125 motorcycle, without a license plate. All the material was in the possession of Jesús Eduardo Briceño Peña, who was detained, according to a report from Detachment 213 of the GNB. 

Finally, in the Mina Planada sector, San Fernando de Atabapo (Amazonas), they seized 7 packets of marijuana (395 grams) and five mini-packages of cocaine (164 grams).

In this procedure, Luis Miguel Valera Martínez was detained in whose clothing he had hidden portions of drugs, Detachment 631 of the GNB reports in a report. 

The detainees were handed over to the Public Ministry for criminal prosecution. 

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