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Maximum penalty for 20 of Operation Gideon

Among the crimes charged are terrorism, treason, conspiracy and trafficking in weapons of war.

The 1st Trial Court with jurisdiction over Terrorism, issued a sentence of 30 years in prison against 20 people accused of participating in Operation Gedeón, a plan that was intended to be executed on May 3, 2020 off the coast of Macuto (La Guaira). and Chuao (Aragua), according to judicial sources.

To activate the Operation Gideon, the then deputy Juan Guaidó signed a contract with the American company Silvercorp which would provide all the logistics, as confessed by Jordan Goudreau, head of the aforementioned commercial company.

For this fact, civilians Alfredo Schiavo, Justo Daza, Alejandro Torres, Franklin Durán, Víctor Perozo, Junior Ojeda, Tony Guevara, Karen Hernández, Gerardo Goitichea, Josnar Baduel and Angelo Rosales were sentenced to the maximum penalty.

Also sentenced to 30 years in prison were the soldiers, already expelled from the Bolivarian National Armed Forces, Oscar Pérez Romero, Richard Alemán, Dimas Murillo, Franklin Leal, Carlos Arturo Rosario, Leonardo Briceño, Francisco Luna, Elías Felipe César and Reny Olivares.

While 9 of the accused were sentenced to 21 years in prison and identified as Mary Frances Marcano, Franchier Ramos, Erick Chaya, Yolimar Alemán de Chaya, Andreína Alemán, Ana María Pernía, Leonardo Carrillo, Leonardo Chirinos and Carla da Silva, said the fountain.

Among the crimes charged are: terrorism, treason, conspiracy and trafficking in weapons of war.

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