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Minister Julio Zerpa began a visit to national prisons

President Maduro entrusted Zerpa with ending corruption in the prison system

The new Minister for the Penitentiary Service, Julio García Zerpa, began a comprehensive approach in all the country's prisons. “We immediately started attention today to those deprived of liberty,” Zerpa wrote on Tuesday on his X social network account.

“We started this deployment through the Carabobo and Lara penitentiary centers and there we also responded to complaints from family members,” said Zerpa, who was appointed last Tuesday as head of the portfolio in charge of Venezuela's prisons.

President Nicolás Maduro entrusted Zerpa with “ending the corruption of the prison system and building a new governability.” In the program With Maduro Suddenly, the Head of State criticized the charges made to those deprived of liberty within prison facilities.

“It cannot be that the convicted person or the detainee is charged for taking him to the bathroom, that cannot be and if they have to transfer him there is a procedural delay, because he does not have the money to transfer him, the bandit, the corrupt,” said Maduro.

Last Tuesday, the Ministry for the Penitentiary Service issued a notice informing that they make the email available to relatives of prisoners Denunciafamilia@mppsp.gob.ve, according to Minister Zerpa's social networks.

Zerpa's appointment occurs in the midst of a protest by prisoners in several prisons in the country.

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