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Maduro reported that three people died as a result of the rains in Sucre

The head of state reported that four people are missing as well as 8 thousand houses affected

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, confirmed this Tuesday night from the Presidential Command Post, the death of three people, two men and a woman, as a result of the heavy rainfall that occurred in Cumanacoa, capital of the Montes municipality. in the state of Sucre, due to the passage of Hurricane Beryl, which caused the Manzanares River to overflow.

“Our condolences and feelings go out to their families,” he said, ordering “all comprehensive support to those families who lost their loved ones.”

Likewise, Maduro detailed that four people are missing. In this particular, search efforts have already been activated in a perfect civil-military-police union.

As a result of the rains, the national president said that 8 thousand houses were affected, 400 with total losses and 1200 that must be repaired.

In this regard, he pointed out that Civil Protection (PC) carries out the census together with the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB). “We have a task with the Great Venezuela Housing Mission that we have to fulfill with the communal circuits, the communal councils, to build these homes where the people indicate that it must be done,” he instructed.

He reported that three schools are completely collapsed. He reported that 80 families are in temporary shelters, so two collection centers have been activated. “They have all the services there.”

In this sense, he ordered the Military Community Brigades for Education and Health (Bricomiles) to attend to the infrastructure of the affected schools.

In this regard, he instructed the Minister of Education, Yelitze Santaella, to go immediately to evaluate the damage caused by the floods in order to take off the construction and rehabilitation work that may be necessary.

"Minister Yelitze Santaella must be there tomorrow (Wednesday) with a special team, with the Bricomiles team to evaluate (...) total loss, total recovery (...) Package, in record time," he pointed out.

The head of state affirmed that the serious situation that occurred in Cumanacoa, Sucre state, is being addressed in real time. “We are going comprehensively, on time, attending to each work front and supporting and protecting (…) Noble people of the state of Sucre, they know that we are mitigating, accompanying, protecting and resolving in real time.”

“The Civil-Military Union Plan has been working since this situation arose in Cumanacoa,” he stressed.

The president recalled the 1999 flood, the most devastating that occurred in the country and attended to by Commander Chávez. "We learned when the tragedy of the then Vargas state, today La Guaira, when extreme situations like these come, just as we saw in Tejería, in Tovar in 2022, support is activated for all those affected and we are prepared for the contingency."

President Maduro with the map of the state of Sucre in hand shows the area affected by the rains this Tuesday, July 02. Photo: Presidential Press

Electrical service restored to 70% in Montes municipality

Electrical service has been restored to 70% in the Montes municipality, located in the state of Sucre, after the damage caused by the overflowing of the Manzanares River.

In this regard, the Minister for Electrical Energy, Jorge Márquez, pointed out that the efforts are aimed at restoring the San Lorenzo Circuit, which generates 1.5 megawatts necessary to recover all the electrical energy, reports Presidential Press.

“The San Lorenzo Circuit is missing, which is approximately 1.5 megawatts to have it 100% restored (…) In an hour, hour and a half it will be ready,” he stated.

On the other hand, the commander of the Comprehensive Defense Zone (ZODI), Vice Admiral Luciano Francisco Fernández, explained that the work teams remain deployed “bringing drinking water to the entire affected population,” a mission for which they have five super tankers. and eight traditional cisterns.

He explained that comprehensive care for the affected population of Cumanacoa also includes the distribution of supplies to Food Houses to guarantee the preparation of meals.

Likewise, members of the FANB and police forces remain deployed in road clearing tasks, an action carried out by teams and machinery of the Ministry of Popular Power for Public Works.

“We are clearing everything so that, in the morning, people feel that there is a change, that there is well-being,” Fernández highlighted.

Food distribution

The Minister for Food, Carlos Leal Tellería, reported that 408 tons of food and 135 tons of animal protein will be distributed. “We have food available in collection centers for 15 days for the population of Cumanacoa.”

Along these lines, he indicated that three logistical food points were enabled: “the Juan Rangel educational unit, the Luis-Beltrán Sanabria educational unit and the Guadalupana educational unit.”

“These are the three distribution points that will be close to the population during the night, and tomorrow, for the entire affected population without exception,” he reported.

Tellería highlighted that six food houses are enabled "to be able to distribute hot food to the entire affected population, we estimate 7 families for a total of 606 people."

Likewise, he highlighted that they are coordinating with “the 54 líderes and leaders of the Local Supply and Production Committees”, to care for families in the area.

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