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Maduro to the King of Spain: hand over the murderers of Orlando Figuera

"Orlando Figuera became a symbol of a hate crime that can never be repeated again," said President Maduro.

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, demanded this Monday in his program with Maduro + edition 48, that the Government of Spain hand over the murderers of the young Orlando Figuera.

“Like Orlando Figuera, more than 20 young people were murdered in Maracaibo, Barquisimeto and Maracay; “Orlando became a symbol of a hate crime of fascism,” he said.

In this same order, the head of state called on the King of Spain to hand over the murderers of Orlando Figuera "I make a call to you from here, the material murderers who tortured and burned Figuera in public are in Spain (...) hand over "To Venezuelan justice, to the fascists who burned Orlando alive, honor and glory."

Maduro reiterated in this context that the surnames now are the same ones that vilely murdered Figuera and that "they called for that hatred and it is the same hatred that they want to bring to Venezuela and for us to confront and kill each other and that is the main bet of the extreme right.”

“That is why today I tell the people that we must take care of peace and, in the face of hatred, cultivate love, coexistence and solidarity,” said Maduro while calling that crimes like that of Orlando Figuera “can never be repeated again, no. "Those people can return, they cannot return with their fascism or their hatred."

Tribute to Orlando Figuera after 7 years of a vile hate murder

Earlier and after seven years of the vile murder of the young Venezuelan, Orlando Figuera, for a crime called a hate crime and which is typified and punished in national laws, this Monday the Minister for Culture, Ernesto Villegas, together with the deputy of the National Assembly, Asia Villegas, the mother of the current martyr, Inés Esparragoza and other relatives, paid tribute to his memory.

It should be remembered that Orlando Figuera died in 2017 after being stabbed and burned by opposition protesters during the anti-government protests known as “guarimbas.”

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