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They locate the body of an elderly woman

She was reported missing since last Wednesday.

The body of Elodia Lucchese, 82 years old, was located in the Tulé sector, Mara municipality, Zulia state, according to police reports. 

Mrs. Elodia was reported missing since last Wednesday. She was last seen in the Indio Mara sector where she was traveling in her Volkswagen Parati, license plate BVD74F. 

Cicpc agents lifted the body and began investigations. 

In another incident, police officers from Santa Teresa del Tuy (Miranda) arrested a 14-year-old teenager, accused of murdering his father. 

This crime occurred last Wednesday afternoon in a residence located in the Bachaquero sector, Dos Lagunas, of the aforementioned Mirandino town. 

In this case, the fatal victim is registered as Jorge Alexander Fernández Núñez (46) who was shot in the head region, a situation that caused his death. 

 The shot came from a Taurus 38 Special that his teenage son allegedly handled. The detained young man was handed over to the Public Ministry. 

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