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La Fanb on alert for criminal gang El Interinato

Padrino López warned about attempts to disturb the peace

The Minister of Defense, Vladimir Padrino López, recently referred to the criminal group El Interinato as a new classification of that series of opposition politicians who requested sanctions against Venezuela to provoke the overthrow of President Nicolás Maduro through violent means, according to files.

Padrino López wrote in his account on At that event, the self-proclaimed ambassador of Venezuela to the United States during the so-called “interim” of Juan Guaidó, acted as a journalist and asked the American military chief two questions in one.

“I would like to hear your opinion on the conflict between Guyana and Venezuela,” Vecchio introduced. “Maduro has been escalating, you know, military actions against Guyana,” the opponent continued before specifically launching the questions. “Do you think this is something that Maduro is building to probably find an excuse to suspend the elections?” was the first part of his question, in the second section of which Vecchio addresses his interlocutor “or are you one of those who actually see a potential military conflict?, completed the opposition leader.

When watching that video, Padrino López analyzes that those “factious people who live in Washington” (alluding to Vecchio among them), have in mind “seeing Venezuela immersed in chaos.”


Precisely, the chaos of the country was what the plan of former minister Tareck El Aissami sought, with the disruption of the economy, which would generate violence in the streets of Venezuela, according to the prosecutor's investigations.

These investigations are partially supported by the denunciations of Samark López, one of those arrested on April 9 along with the former president of PDVSA and Simón Zerpa, linked to the PsVSA-Cripto corruption plot, which involved the sale of Venezuelan oil without reporting to the Central Bank of Venezuela the dividends for these crude oil placements, according to reports.

Precisely, the Public Ministry has been airing the conversations between Samark López, Julio Borges, Leopoldo López, Carlos Ocariz and Carlos Vecchio, where they can be heard weaving plans to overthrow President Maduro by violent means.

That is why Minister Padrino López identifies Vecchio as a representative “of the criminal group known as El Interinato.” It is worth reminding the head of the United States Southern Command, who already visited Guyana in September 2022 when she reviewed the defense collaboration between both countries, which “includes collaborating against any regional threat and challenge,” according to official information. In that context, Vecchio approached him with her questions that she framed in the electoral process called for June 28.

But Padrino López reads between the lines what the questions of Juan Guaidó's ally hide and this is how he left it recorded in his @vladimirpadrino account. “Could it be that they see themselves defeated and will seek to boycott the next act of legitimization of our democracy? Why, instead of condemning the increase in the US military presence in Guyana, do they reject the effort made by the #FANB in ​​defense of Guyana Essequiba? What patriotism!” wrote the Minister of Defense.

Padrino López considers that such an approach by Carlos Vecchio “is still dangerous.” Based on this, the minister issued a warning call to the people and the Fanb to “remain alert to any attempt to take away the peace and political stability that today enjoy Venezuela ALERTS!”

Already in 2019, the Plenary Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice outlined in its ruling number 17 the actions of what Minister Padrino López now calls “El Interinato criminal group.”

That ruling authorizes the prosecution of then-deputy Edgar Zambrano for treason, conspiracy, instigation of insurrection, among other crimes.

The decision of the magistrates is due to the presence of Zambrano at the Altamira distributor on April 30, 2019 when Juan Guaidó recorded a video together with Leopoldo López saying that they were at the La Carlota Air Base, a situation later denied with images where it was observed that such politicians were on the outskirts of the aforementioned military establishment.

But in that ruling, the magistrates took the opportunity to point out that this action by the Altamira distributor was part of an ongoing plan called Operation Jericho, in which opposition political leaders and military deserters, among others, participated.

This plan has its objectives outlined, as stated in the ruling that groups them as follows: financial isolation of Venezuela by global banking; attacks on military bases; violent disturbances of public order; attacks on public services; hoarding and smuggling of fuel, food and medicine extraction; disappearance of the monetary cone; vilification and ignorance of State institutions; ignorance of some countries in the region to the government of President Maduro and even its physical liquidation.

In these tasks, the role of Carlos Vecchio becomes relevant, according to the investigative thread of the intelligence agencies that place the opponent among those who advocate maintaining the blockade of Venezuela before international bodies.

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