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They will judge the person requested by Spain for fraud

30 victims reported the subject before a Spanish court

The Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice agreed to try Laureano David Sánchez Sánchez in Venezuela for crimes committed in Spain, linked to a scam. Such a decision is contained in sentence 256 written by Judge Elsa Gómez and supported by her courtroom colleagues Carmen Marisela Castro and Maikel Moreno.

Sánchez was arrested on March 6 at the Arturo Michelena International Airport, Valencia (Carabobo) by officials assigned to the Cicpc, Interpol Caracas National Central Office. The man is wanted by the Central Investigative Court No. 2 Valencia-Spain.

In that Court a file is open related to the companies Expa Global Trade and Stration Invest Gold SL as well as their directors: Laureano Sánchez, Erika Pennacchia and Juan Alamañac Felipo, for an alleged aggravated scam of 250.000 euros, according to the complaints of 30 victims.

The file states that the Laureano-Erika couple took advantage of the relationships generated at their children's school to attract a group of parents, receiving from them significant sums of money that were supposedly destined for investments in the aforementioned company.

The money received was deposited by Sánchez and his wife in the so-called “tax havens” without the investors obtaining any profit.

For this reason, Spain proposed the extradition of Sánchez, a request that was rejected by the Criminal Chamber, because the Constitution prohibits carrying out that process in the case of Venezuelans. And that is why the magistrates agreed to try Sánchez in a criminal court in Caracas for aggravated fraud, falsification of public documents and money laundering, the ruling says.

For this reason, the magistrates urged the Public Ministry to collect evidentiary elements in Spain that could be used for the trial of Sánchez after presenting the accusation.

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