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4 people charged who tried to enter the GNB of Maiquetía

Two other people who participated in the events are wanted. All those involved are members of Vente Venezuela, according to the Prosecutor.

The Attorney General of the Republic, Tarek William Saab, announced that Luis López, Juan Iriarte, Jean Carlos Rivas and Ismael Gonzalez, members of Vente Venezuela, (VV), were charged with the crimes of Incitement to Hate and Association.

In his account on the social network the troops of the aforementioned military component, maintaining anxiety and generating terror among the inhabitants of the area.”

The head of the criminal action explained that “Johny Rivas and Jhillkys Alcila, against whom an arrest warrant was issued, remain evaded.

Hate Crime

Saab in his account gender or religious belief.

He specified that hate crimes aim to induce fear and cause psychological or physical harm to people.

For this reason he assured that "in our country, under our management in the Public Ministry, any act that involves instigation of hatred, assault on public institutions, burning people, attempted coups d'état, armed insurrection, guarimbas, etc., will be severely severely punished for involving said bad actions as a whole: the real basis of Nazi-fascism, which we will never allow to occur in Venezuela."

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