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Prosecutor Saab demands immigration registration of Ronald Ojeda from Chile

He assures that in May he delivered a document in cooperation with the investigation of the case

The Attorney General of Venezuela, Tarek William Saab, announced this Saturday that he will request Chile, through diplomatic channels, for the immigration registration of former Venezuelan military officer Ronald Ojeda and reiterated that he delivered the document to the Chilean authorities last May, as part of the cooperation for the development of research.

“In the next few hours, we will request from Chile – based on international criminal assistance, through diplomatic channels – the immigration registration of Lieutenant Ojeda and the alleged murderers identified by the Chilean authorities,” Saab said in X.

He assured that, according to the responsibilities of the States, Chilean officials “are obliged to respond and explain” why the former Venezuelan military officer “entered and left (Chile) to carry out conspiratorial actions against” Venezuela.

In the message, prosecutor Saab also regretted that the Chilean Prosecutor's Office “has not informed the President of Chile Gabriel Boric and Foreign Minister Alberto Klaveren of the 55-page written response,” based on Venezuela's international cooperation that was developed in the Public Ministry and which was sent in the month of May, in response to the request for information made at the time by the Chilean authorities.

The prosecutor's statement comes a day after the Chilean Foreign Minister, Alberto Van Klaveren, said that Saab “is the least suitable person to give lessons” on how to investigate the crime.

Saab denounced on Wednesday that Ojeda's crime was a "false flag action", in which Chilean and foreign intelligence bodies participated "with spurious interests", which Van Klaveren considered "absolutely unacceptable" expressions.

The Chilean president, Gabriel Boric, said in an interview with the network CNN Chile Radio, which ruled out breaking diplomatic relations with Venezuela. “In general, in international politics, I ruled out breaking beef,” said the Chilean president during a meeting, adding that “the way to solve problems is by talking, not stopping talking,” he said.

However, his statements come after he announced that he had contacted the Chilean Foreign Minister, Alberto van Klaveren, to present as soon as possible "a note of protest as appropriate through diplomatic channels."

Ojeda, a political asylum seeker in Chile, was kidnapped on February 21 in the capital and his remains were found 10 days later in a peripheral town, buried under a cement block.

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