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They strangle a woman to rob her

The victim was a septuagenarian and was killed with a belt

In the La Sábana sector of the Libertad parish, Machiques de Perijá municipality, in the state of Zulia, they found a septuagenarian woman dead and in an advanced state of decomposition, whom they identified as Celmira Mejías Gutiérrez (71).

This was reported by the director of the Scientific, Criminal and Criminal Investigation Corps (Cicpc), Douglas Rico, on his account on the social network Instagram.

After the officials of the Coordination of Crimes Against People of the Machiques Municipal Delegation of the Cicpc, located the body, they took charge of the field work and managed to locate those responsible for the crime.

“The criminals were identified as Esdra Gutiérrez, 23 years old, and Ender Claro, nicknamed “El Cachaco”, 28 years old, who strangled Celmira Mejías with a belt, immediately taking her life to steal her belongings.” , indicated the official.

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