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They unveil a plan to alter the stability of penitentiary centers

Minister Ceballos reported that there are advanced investigations and warned that disorder will not be allowed in penitentiary centers

A plan has recently been unveiled to alter the stability of penitentiary centers, the Minister of Popular Power for Interior Relations, Justice and Peace, reported this Tuesday. Remigio Ceballos Ichaso.

"We have advanced investigations, we are going after them, we will not allow disorder in the penitentiary centers and we ask the Supreme Court of Justice to prosecute those who intend to disturb the peace," he warned in the middle of an activity of signature collection of the State security forces and public Risk Management servants in rejection of the blockade and sanctions imposed by the United States government against Venezuela.

From the spaces of the National Experimental University of Security (UNES) in Caracas, Ceballos reaffirmed that the security forces together with President Nicolás Maduro remain committed to defending the Homeland and guaranteeing the peace and tranquility of Venezuelans.

“Here we are working every day to protect our people, we are here to defend our homeland (…) We, under the direction of the President, move towards peace and well-being and we say Biden lift the blockade now,” he emphasized while thanking everyone. those who joined in this act in rejection of the criminal blockade.

Multidimensional war

Minister Ceballos denounced that the constant attack that has been perpetrated against Venezuela from the United States is “a multidimensional war because it occurs in various spaces, in the real present space and in the non-linear ones that are the means and networks used to deceive.” .

In this sense, he specified that the Unilateral Coercive Measures have had as their objective not only the attack against our nation, but also the fragmentation of the Venezuelan State and "overthrowing the will of our people, taking away the welfare state, when they try to block our medicines, food, our capacity and right that we Venezuelans have to export our products.”

Likewise, he condemned that sectors of the Venezuelan opposition support these measures, only to alter the peace of the country.

“We are a sovereign people and we continue forward from victory to victory (…) We continue forward for the country, for the family and for the Venezuelan people,” he expressed and recalled that the call to reject the sanctions against Venezuela is being made throughout the country. country.


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