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Fisherman extortionist arrested in Zulia

They threatened to burn their boats if they didn't pay.

Officials assigned to the Coordination of Investigations Against Organized Crime, Anti-Extortion Brigade, of the Maracaibo Municipal Delegation, managed to arrest a citizen, who is part of a dangerous gang, identified as Mauricio Luzardo, dedicated to extorting humble fishermen from La Urdaneta Canyon.

Through his account on the Instagram network, the director of the Scientific, Criminal and Criminal Investigation Corps (Cicpc), Douglas Rico, specified that the investigative work in relation to the extortions suffered by fishing workers in the Brisas del Lago sector, La Cañada de Urdaneta municipality, Zulia state, on the Santa Fe fishing beach, allowed the arrest of Jesús Atencio, after determining that, like Miguel Boscán, (previously detained), they went to the area in question, after completing the task in the sea, demanding from the workers part of what they obtained, as part of payment for the extortions carried out by Mauricio José Luzardo Rondón, (yet to be arrested), which they marketed and delivered the money to this criminal.

Likewise, the detainee was in charge of studying possible victims to extort; If they refused to pay, they proceeded to set fire to their boats, as a method of pressure.

Due to these criminal acts, 12 people still have to be arrested, including those who facilitate their bank accounts to receive extortion money and those who committed terrorist attacks against citizens.

Atencio's capture took place in the Concepción parish, La Cañada de Urdaneta municipality, Zulia state, and in the procedure a cell phone was confiscated from him, which was subjected to criminalistic expertise and his cooperation with Mauricio Luzardo, the planning of the crimes, was determined. criminal acts and their execution.

After the capture of the cooperator, he was placed under the command of the 77th National Prosecutor's Office, while police agents intensify the search to capture Luzardo Rondón

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