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They destroy 70 runways used by drug trafficking

Henández Lárez: they were used by Tancol groups in the state of Zulia

Members of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces disabled 70 illegal runways used by armed Colombian drug trafficking terrorist groups (Tancol) in
the state of Zulia.

According to the information provided by the operational strategic commander of the Fanb, Domingo Hernandez Larez, this action was carried out within the framework of the Operation Catatumbo Lightning 2024.

Likewise, he reported that they disabled a total of “70 illegal runways in the state of Zulia, built and adapted by the Tancol groups that penetrate our national territory.”

He pointed out that this terrorist group took advantage of the territorial extension of 2.279 linear kilometers to commit crimes in the country.

“Venezuela is a territory of peace and we will not allow the establishment of trancriminal structures. Fanb is a guarantee of peace and sovereignty,” she emphasized.

The senior military official added that the runways would be used as extraction platforms for products derived from Colombian drugs.

“Our national territory is not for sale or rent,” he stated.

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