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Four arrested for hitmen

According to the police report, two women planned the crime because they were constantly mistreated by the victim.

Four people are at the mercy of justice, after proving their participation in a case of hitmen that ended the life of José Suniaga García (49), an event that occurred in the San Juan parish of the Libertador municipality, in Caracas, on the 24th. of February.

The perpetrators were identified as: Samuel Castillo (31) and Sergio Perdomo (20) who were brothers-in-law of the victim, as well as María Castillo (29), the victim's partner, and Zulay Oropeza (43), his ex-partner.

The women also hired two subjects nicknamed Cachete and Ronny, who have yet to be fully identified and arrested.

According to the police report, the women were the ones who planned the crime "because allegedly both women, who lived in the same house, were constantly physically and verbally abused by him."

The four detainees will be prosecuted for the crime of contract killing.

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