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Communities of Cumanacoa under water after the passage of Hurricane Beryl

Six communities were completely flooded by the flooding of the Manzanares River in the jurisdiction

Six communities in the Cumanacoa parish of the Montes municipality in the state of Sucre were left under water after the flooding of the Manzanares River in the jurisdiction, as a result of the torrential rains recorded in the region early this Tuesday, July 2, due to the passage of Hurricane Beryl.

The information was released by the governor of the eastern entity, Gilberto pinto, through a contact through the network of Sucre state stations, in which he assured that officials from citizen protection organizations and public services and infrastructure institutions are attending to the situation.

“We have a report of flooding in the Cumanacoa parish, in Casco Central. At this time we have officials from the Risk Management and Control System, Civil Protection (PC), Come 911, the Fire Department, Barrio Nuevo Tricolor and the Autonomous Institute of Public Services (Inaservip),” said Pinto.

The regional leader explained that among the affected communities are Barrio Blanco, La Fragua, Las Tinajitas, Avenida Antonio José de Sucre, Las Morritas and Las Trincheras.

He stressed that the community most affected is La Fragua.

“All those adjacent areas are under water. The river is crossing the city of Cumanacoa and we have as a focus and source of attention the community of La Fragua, which is at a low level and warrants evacuation. We have requested air means to carry out the airborne evacuation but the weather conditions do not allow it,” he said.

Authorities are on the scene attending to the situation. Photo: Government of Sucre

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