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Five arrested for suffocating a young man in a cult

The victim was locked in a room, which served as a space for spiritual liberations

Commissions of the Coordination of Investigations of Crimes Against Persons of the San Juan de Los Morros Municipal Delegation, (Guárico) captured five people allegedly involved in the murder by mechanical asphyxiation of a man identified as Whiston Gabriel Matute Franco (20).

According to what was reported by the scientific police, the incident occurred on May 17 in the Guariqueña capital, specifically the La Esperanza sector, Iglesia 3:16.

The victim would have been taken from Villa de Cura (Aragua) to the 3:16 church (Christian/evangelical) in San Juan de los Morros, by his aunt, because the young man, since the death of his mother, had shown aggressive behavior, believing his family that he was possessed, so when he took him to said church, he was locked in a room, which served as a space for spiritual liberations.

Once at the place, Silvestre Agraz (79), Alexander Celis (57), Miguel Sanz (59), Pedro Yánez (30) and Jhoser de Freitas (27) appear to start the prayers; However, the victim became aggressive with those present, who chose to subdue him and press his face against a mat with synthetic material, continuing with the prayers to perform the false exorcism. Whiston stopped resisting and they presumed that he had fallen asleep, but he was really dead, according to the Cicpc story.

The next morning, upon returning to the room where they left the victim, they realized that he was dead, so the staff of the National Service of Medicine and Forensic Sciences (Senamecf), when performing the autopsy, determined that the cause of Death was due to mechanical asphyxiation due to suffocation, according to the report.

The Cicpc officials proceeded to arrest the four people, who at the time were in the aforementioned church. They were handed over to the Prosecutor's Office for indictment.

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