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Ceballos: The US is behind the drug trafficking apparatus

Seizures reflect public policy against drug trafficking

The latest seizures of drug shipments in Venezuelan border entities are a reflection that the country is on alert in the face of organized transnational crime, according to an analysis made by the Minister of the Interior, Justice and Peace, Remigio Ceballos Ichaso.

“We are dead,” said the minister when commenting for Últimas Noticias about the latest anti-drug procedures, in one of which 2,4 tons of cocaine were seized that were transported on the ship Aleppo captured off the coast of Nueva Esparta.

“These seizures are the reflection of a public policy created by President Nicolás Maduro with the Great Quadrants of Peace Mission whose number two vertex is precisely the fight against terrorism, corruption, organized crime and the latter includes transnational crime. organized, drug trafficking,” said Ceballos.
In addition to this, the Minister of the Interior does not overlook the context in which this series of drug seizures in recent days occur on the beaches of Falcón, Carabobo and now in international waters near the state of Nueva Esparta.

In this regard, Ceballos recalled that he has studied the matter, so much so that he wrote the book Venezuela Potencia: Paz y Seguridad Multidimensional, where he develops the thesis according to which the United States is behind all this drug trafficking apparatus to envelop Venezuela and make it look like a State incapable of fighting transnational crime.

“In practice we have defeated those machinations of the United States, the blockade and seizures say so,” the minister clarified. "Because they want to say that Venezuela is a failed state, they want to see us weak and then submit us and take over our wealth," said Ceballos, who recalled that in Venezuela there are sectors that agree with these claims of the United States and would be willing to give in. in case of taking political power. “That is why we must defend our sovereignty and independence,” he urged.

The mineral.

The sectoral vice president for Citizen Security also says that the colonialist thesis of the United States, the foundation of all these actions to dominate the world, persists over time, "because they need our wealth to sustain themselves."

“It is a State policy against other States; because they need the resources of Essequibo, Venezuelan oil, gold, diamond, coltan and all the rare minerals of the periodic table, which are 17, of which we have 15 (…) for all their aerospace technology,” he explained. the chief admiral.

Ceballos maintains that one of the ways that this criminal drug trafficking structure has to collaborate in this purpose of the United States is to take over all the crossings (river, sea, land) and manage to transport their drug shipments.
“That is what is called the Pacific route that starts in La Guajira, Colombia, connects with eastern Venezuela and from there to the United States and Europe,” he said.

“Precisely through La Guajira they came in a boat from Peñero to invade us by sea with what they called Operation Gedeón. "They used that drug trafficking route and proved that it was a safe passage, protected by drug traffickers," commented Ceballos, alluding to the frustrated attempt to overthrow President Nicolás Maduro that took place on May 3, 2020 and was based on a contract signed by Juan Guaidó. with the American company Silvercorp.

According to United Nations reports, the Pacific route is the one used by Colombian drug trafficking groups and their cells in the region to transport shipments to the United States, Europe and Africa.

This route has several aspects, according to Ceballos. From Colombia to eastern Venezuela, it is one. “Also from the Colombian jungle towards the Atlantic, passing through wherever it has to go, it could be through Brazil, through Venezuela; exit to the Caribbean towards Africa where there are Venezuelans captured there,” the minister explained.

In that case, vessels like Aleppo are used to traffic drugs both from Venezuela, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago, among other islands.

All that flow of drugs that comes from Colombia and passes through Venezuela goes to Europe, according to studies outlined by Ceballos. “Europe has become, according to the United Nations, the world epicenter of drug trafficking and the United States follows alongside,” highlighted the minister, who warned that the United States will continue trying to obtain our wealth by any means. “And we will continue defending our territory because it means the salvation and preservation of our people. “It is a fight,” concluded the minister.

The Aleppo 10 detained

  • These are the 10 Venezuelans captured on April 15 when French and Venezuelan authorities intercepted the Alepo vessel in international waters near Martinique: Charlie Alejandro García, Felipe Antonio Marcano Narváez, Yovany José Sánchez, José Manuel Marcano Marcano, José Gregorio Salazar Dávila , Francisco Filemón Figueroa Reyes, Juan Carlos Figueroa Brito, Pedro Celestino Marcano Salazar, Reinaldo Jesús Brito and Deivis Gregorio Rafael Aguilera García, according to reports obtained.
  • Among the latest anti-drug procedures carried out by the Bolivarian National Armed Forces is the seizure of 470 kilos of cocaine that were in eight camps located in the Jesús María Semprún municipality (Zulia).
  • It also highlights 1.050 panels of cocaine found between Carabobo and Falcón that yielded a total of 869 kilos 64 grams. One of these procedures occurred in Boca de Aroa, José Laurencio Silva municipality (Tucacas) where 525 panels of cocaine were found abandoned, totaling 612 kilos 440 grams.

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