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Former PDVSA fraudster manager fell in Spain

They link it to the purchase of 40 boats that never arrived. The Criminal Chamber of the TSJ agreed to try Deivis José González Pérez in Venezuela

The Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice declared admissible the request made by Venezuela to Spain to send Deivis José González Pérez, who, as manager of PDVSA, canceled 40 boats that were never delivered to the state oil company.

The decision to request the extradition of González Pérez is contained in ruling No. 301 published on June 6 with the signature of the three judges of the Criminal Chamber: Maikel Moreno (rapporteur), Carmen Marisela Castro and Elsa Gómez Moreno.

The facts for which González Pérez is being criminally prosecuted date back to December 2012, when this person worked as manager of Aquatic Operations for Pdvsa-Occidente. From that position he signed a contract directly with the company St. Johns Shinp Building SA, domiciled in Panama, for the acquisition of 40 boats for a total of $44.297.490,80. Each boat had a cost of $1.107.437,27.

The investigation detected irregularities in the administration of the contract since the payments were issued under an advance payment figure which was not established in the main contract, issuing million-dollar payments without the due guarantees, as outlined in the report.

The contract with the company expired and even though there was a guarantee of faithful performance for an amount of Bs. 2.213.9883590,18, equivalent to 100% of the agreement, it cannot be executed because it does not comply with the requirements established in the main contract. which takes away the State's ability to recover what was disbursed, says the investigation explained in the ruling.

Having canceled the payment, the delivery of the boats did not materialize; This is why the property damage “caused to the Venezuelan State through Petróleos de Venezuela amounts to approximately $35.437.992,64.”

Due to this fact, on April 30, 2015, the 8th Control Court of Zulia issued an arrest warrant against González Pérez due to his alleged involvement in the crimes of malicious embezzlement and association.

On May 28, Spain informed Venezuela about the arrest in Madrid of González Pérez, who presented a red notice from Interpol. For this reason, the file was sent to the Criminal Court, whose judges confirmed that the requirements to declare the subject's extradition admissible were met.

The Chamber recalled that Venezuela and Spain signed the United Nations Convention against Corruption.


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