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Captured 26 people who committed various crimes

Commissioner Douglas Rico explained that the arrests were made after the deployment of CICPC officials in the national territory

Commissioner Douglas Rico, director of the CICPC, reported in his account desertion, resistance to authority, violence, injuries, among other crimes.

Rico explained that the commissions of the Scientific, Criminal and Criminal Investigation Corps (Cicpc) were deployed in the Capital, Guayana, Central, Eastern, Los Llanos, Los Andes, Insular and Western regions.

Rico described in his account the names and the alleged crimes committed.

In that sense, he expressed that due to violence the following were captured: Luis Sánchez (31), Juan Valecillos (43), Iván Aguilera (65) and Jeffrey Figuera (29).

Meanwhile due to injuries: Dervis Santander (29), Angel Castillo (22), German Jaimes (52). Kevin Guada (25), Nilda Angulo (19), a 17-year-old girl, Elmo Malavé (31), Moisés Cedeño (29), Nairin Rodríguez (34), Katherine Arévalo (34) and José Ruíz (51).

For trafficking in the form of aggravated transportation of narcotic and psychotropic substances and rebellion: Alirio Parada (37).

Teófilo Hourdequint (63) was arrested for taking advantage of things derived from crime.

Likewise, for illicit possession of narcotic and psychotropic substances: Eneyda Ibarra (66), Marcos Castillo (44).

After attributing incitement and induction to the consumption of narcotics or psychotropic substances, Cheidy Duarte (25) was arrested.

For invasion and misappropriation: Yenny Leal (37).

José Sierra (41) was arrested for desertion.

Finally, – the commissioner noted – for theft: José Carrasco (35); for theft: Lisbeth González (46) and María Rodríguez (31) and, for vehicle theft and resistance to authority, Daniel Cárdenas (34) was arrested.

All the people were at the disposal of the Public Ministry to be prosecuted.

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