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They caught two with a thousand kilos of guaya and 42 bullets

Officials from the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB) detained two members of the El Oso criminal group and seized a thousand kilos of guayas, among others.

According to reports, the subjects were detained in the Sabaneta sector of Palmas, Miranda municipality, Zulia state, where the military proceeded to confiscate two pistols: a Walther PPK, caliber 7,65 and another Smith & Wesson, model 5906, as well as as two pistol magazines and 42 cartridges intended for rifles, according to a report from Detachment 113 of the GNB, who worked jointly with Cicpc agents.

They also seized two radio transmitters, three outboard motors, five plastic containers of different capacities and a motorcycle, which when verified in the Police Investigation and Information System (Siipol) turned out to be requested by the Cicpc-Los Puertos de Altagracia (Zulia). ), for the crime of vehicle theft, says the military report.

In that case, the detainees were registered as Adonais Jesús Manzano Ferrer and Adelso Antonio Barrios Nava, who were handed over to the Public Ministry to be criminally prosecuted for illicit possession of a firearm and association to commit a crime.
In Punta de Piedras (Nueva Esparta), the military detained Iberio Jesús Pino Rojas, who was carrying 21 unfired .38 Special caliber cartridges and one 9 mm cartridge in his bags.

Pino Rojas was captured with that material when he was preparing to board the Caracas Ferry of the Naviarca Shipping Company, bound for Cumaná (Sucre).

And in the La Cempereña sector, Biruaca municipality (Apure), GNB agents detained five subjects, from whom they confiscated a Winchester USA, 20 caliber shotgun.
The detainees are identified as Edison Gelves Sandoval, Henry Gelves Sandoval, Yajaira Gelves Sandoval, Esmeralda Gelves Sandoval and Gloria Gelves Sandoval.

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