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Dejected subject who murdered a teenager

Agents located him in Brisas del Morro, Barcelona, ​​where he confronted officials with a firearm.

A subject identified as José David Márquez (21) was killed after confronting a Cicpc commission in the Brisas del Morro sector, Barcelona, ​​capital of Anzoátegui. 

According to a report from the scientific police, Márquez was the material author of the homicide perpetrated against Daivymar Valentina Zarraga Maza, 14 years old. This young woman was stabbed by Márquez, who was her ex-brother-in-law. 

Early last Friday the man broke into the house where Daivymar lived, located in the Chuparin sector, Puerto La Cruz (Anzoátegui). The ex-partner of the subject whom he wounded in the arm was also in that house. But he also attacked Deivymar's mother with the knife and when the teenager intervened she also stabbed him with the knife several times until she died. 

Once the bloody event occurred, the Cicpc began the search for Márquez, who was previously recognized by witnesses as the author of the homicide. Indeed, the agents located him in Brisas del Morro, Barcelona, ​​where he confronted the officials with a firearm and fell dead in the fray. 

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