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Killed criminal who minutes before had shot a PNB official

The victim is officer José García, a recently graduated PNB agent.

A subject identified as Algel Eduardo Bozo Rivero was killed minutes after shooting an official of the Bolivarian National Police (PNB) in the La Arenosa sector, Tocuyito (Carabobo), according to reports.

A recently graduated officer of the Bolivarian National Police was in front of his house when he was shot for resisting a robbery. At night, officer José García arrived at his house and was intercepted by two individuals who were trying to take away his belongings.

The uniformed man objected, a situation that angered the criminals, one of whom shot him.

The subjects fled the scene but were surprised by a checkpoint in the El Oasis sector, Tocuyito, where an exchange of shots took place with uniformed municipal police. One of the criminals was seriously injured and died upon entering a health center. While the other fled on the motorcycle, the source explained.


Bozo Rivero, the murdered subject, had police records for taking advantage of things derived from crime, according to files.

The injured PNB official is recovering, a source said.
Also in Carabobo, but in the Juan José Mora municipality, La Pedrera sector, Juan José Mora municipality, agents of the Bolivarian National Guard had a confrontation with members of the criminal gang El Eufemia and El Cabito de Covetra, according to a report.

In that fray, a member of the aforementioned group identified as Jesús Antonio Millán Medina (El Barriga) was killed. Once the shooting was over, the soldiers collected a 380 caliber pistol, with a magazine, according to a report from Detachment 412 of the GNB.

The Public Ministry was notified of both procedures.

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