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9 prisoners for fuel trafficking

In Nueva Esparta they detained a boat that was carrying two thousand liters of diesel fuel

Military agents detained a boat, allegedly used for fuel trafficking, according to military sources. The procedure was carried out in the Lonja Pesquera sector, Juangriego, Marcano municipality, Nueva Esparta, according to a report from the Coastal Surveillance Station.

In the aforementioned place they detained the L/M type vessel named Arisha, registration ARSH-PE-2064, where they carried two thousand liters of diesel fuel in the storage tanks.

In this procedure, the occupants of the boat were detained: José Antonio Caldea (owner and sailor), Reinaldo José Marín (captain), Jetsel Jesús Díaz, Manuel De Los Reyes Marín, Carlos Monser González, Cristian Agustín Marcano Narváez, Richard José Vizcaino, Dennys Edgardo Salazar Gómez and Yoel Genaro Morales.

These people were handed over to the Public Ministry where they opened a file for illicit traffic made out of fuel.

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