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Hospital Pérez de León I offers several services

The health center has modern equipment in 21 specialties

The Ana Francisca Pérez de León Hospital, better known as Pérez de León I, located on Francisco de Miranda Avenue, Petare parish, in the Sucre municipality of Miranda state, offers services in 21 different specialties, for which there is a contingent of qualified professionals.

This health center is under the administration of the Mayor's Office of the Sucre Municipality, which has carried out work for the comprehensive rehabilitation of the infrastructure.

Likewise, high-tech equipment has been provided, with the goal of offering the hospital a quality, humane and completely free service.

General Surgery

  • Procedure. To request a consultation in the general surgery area, if the patient goes to the health center for the first time and without a referral, they must first go through the triage room, located in the east wing of the hospital. If the person is already referred from another healthcare center, they must go to the ground floor of the hospital from Monday to Friday, contact the protocol staff, who will write them down on a list to plan their appointment with the specialist. This is one of the center's most requested services, especially in cases of hernia, prolapse and gallbladder interventions. For surgeries, the hospital has three operating rooms equipped with modern, state-of-the-art equipment.
General surgery is one of the most requested services at the center.


For the care of the cardiology service, they are located on the ground floor of the hospital.

  • Schedule. Appointments are channeled from Monday to Friday in PB, in the outpatient consultation area, subsequently they are evaluated by internal medicine. Opening days are Saturdays from 8 am to 4 pm.
  • Services. Interventions are planned for injuries caused by varicose veins and peripheral venous obstruction, according to the patient's pathology. They have three modern operating rooms on the second floor.


  • Location. On the ground floor of the hospital, in the east wing, are the triage consultation rooms, where pediatric and adult patients with ailments are treated and, as appropriate, are referred for consultations with specialists.
  • Schedule. This service is provided every day, from 7 in the morning until 7 at night. Care is on a first-come, first-served basis and doctors perform a general checkup on patients. For the convenience of citizens who come to the hospital, there is an internal waiting room and a surveillance service.

Emergency service

  • Location. On the ground floor of the hospital, there is the adult emergency room that has 14 beds, three of them intended for specialized shock trauma care, where delicate patients are stabilized for hospitalization or possible surgical intervention, depending on the condition. case. In these spaces there are two rooms to place treatments and a pharmacy, specially enabled for patients received in the emergency. The Pérez de León I hospital in Petare has two triage rooms, one for adult care and the other for pediatrics, with 24-hour care. For immediate care in the case of boys and girls, there is a special emergency care room, with pediatricians and a supply of medications. X-ray services are also available at the center for the community.


l Location. On the second floor of the hospital are the pediatric, juvenile and adult hospitalization rooms for men and women, as well as a special geriatric care room, which has a total of 50 beds available to patients. Each of the rooms has its private bathroom, nursing person and specialist doctors per area. The treatments required by patients are provided free of charge. There is also a laboratory service where routine studies are carried out.

ICU service

  • Location. The Intensive Care Unit is located on the first floor, west wing, in front of operating room 3.
  • Service. This is a specialized hospitalization service for patients in a critical state of health, who require special care, under the supervision and attention of specialized medical and nursing personnel. They have four modern beds for care 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. For its use, the patient must come with the entire medical history.

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