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Charles Baudelaire, the famous cursed poet, a while ago dropped a sentence for immortality: “The devil's greatest ability is to make us believe that he does not exist.” He was a wise assertion that invites us to think about imperialism, about that perverse historical phenomenon that many thought was dead and buried; more so when the death letter was given to him by the leftist converts of the eighties of the last century, in communion with famous postmodernists of dead speeches.

In such a way that the author of The Flowers of Evil is right: the powerful, in camouflage, go against the worthy who does not want to surrender, and then they “twist his arm” and blame him for all their misfortunes.

Now, the real questions: Can an economic, military, or communications power attack another country for disagreeing with its form of government? What lies behind the action of the United States attacking Venezuela without further ado? Is northern “democracy” the paradigm to follow?

Answering these questions tells us about the violence of an empire, cowardly, immoral, that uses the structural dependence of a nation that sovereignly took its own path. It's that simple.

Beyond whether Chavismo is bad or good, much beyond the story that it is a “dictatorial regime”, the last thing, the truth, is that the gringos, like neighborhood thugs, handsome and supportive, do what they want. take advantage of the fear, blackmail, complicity and silence of others.

Of course, being sovereign – with the errors that the Bolivarian Government may have, incidentally, every administration has them – costs a lot.

Venezuela dared to raise its voice and the entire imperial agenda was unleashed on it with the surrender of some.

Hence, the haters have to undermine the spiritual pillars of the Venezuelan people, erode its economy, break its social fabrics and isolate it from the international community. Something like the thug who has guns, money, cars and a gang that attacks the student, athlete and thespian of the community.

Many know that the gañan does evil, but they are terrified of it, they knock out the windows of their houses and lock themselves in to see their silly boxes and their hypnotizing telephones.

What I am saying is that it is legitimate and respectable to be an opposition member in Venezuela. What cannot be forgiven by God is being complicit in the destruction of the country.

That is why the United States and its servants will play to devastate the inheritance of our children. They will use narratives such as a failed state, that is, they will talk about the existence of a regime incapable of functioning internally – with precarious public administration, with economic instability, without basic services, highly criminal and corrupt, with forced migrations, without territorial control, with extreme poverty, etc. – to justify the looting of the Bolivarian Homeland. All this with one “little detail”: they do not mention in their “thoughtful analyses” the blockade against our nation.

What would come next? The seizure of power by an elite that has already sold our land to transnational interests.

The sad thing about all this is that there are some countrymen who believe that those who brought us to this critical point are going to get us out of it.

We must not expect light from the shadow planters.

Therefore, with the elections that will be held this coming July 28, the Bolivarian Revolution must continue.

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