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Venezuela begins a program to preserve its ancestral cocoa

The Venezuelan government seeks to definitively eradicate the Ecuadorian clone CCN-51

The Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation has launched a rescue, conservation and preservation program for native and ancestral cocoa as part of the agenda of the Great Dr. Humberto Fernández-Morán Science Mission.

Among the objectives of this plan, explained Minister Gabriela Jiménez in her account X, are recovering laboratories for molecular analysis and georeferencing, replacing and eradicating the variety of Ecuadorian origin.

In its first stage it will cover scientific and technological training of cocoa in the states of Barinas, Sucre, Miranda and Mérida.

Likewise, in her publication, the minister also reported that as part of the actions to preserve Venezuelan cocoa, the national government maintains the application of biological agents to the plantations affected by the so-called "Witch's Broom", in order to restore productivity. of this area.

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