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Cinnamon Flavor

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We Venezuelans love salsa, and especially that Cuban-essence salsa that has contributed to enriching this musical genre of Latin and Caribbean identity. Among that multiplicity of voices that gave shape and sound to that “mother sauce” Canelita Medina undoubtedly stands out; a native of Guaireño who showed interest in music since she was little and had the Cuban singer Celia Cruz as a reference.

Last year -2023- on this day, July 4, Canelita Medina died at the age of 84, after contributing the best years of her life and talent to music, to salsa; to that sauce that she knew how to give her personal touch and give it that “Cinnamon Flavor”, forever present in her valuable discography, from which we remember her successes: “witchy kisses” “Love me”, “Noche triumphal”, “Canto a La Guaira”, “Ta ta candela” and “Tanto y mucho”.

Rogelia Medina Romero, known artistically as Canelita Medina, was born in what is now the state of La Guaira on March 6, 1939. She formed in various groups until achieving her first record production in 1957 with the group “Sonera Caracas”; with which she made her way as “La sonera del Caribe y de Venezuela”, and thus she was presented on various international stages alongside the great figures and orchestra in the style of salsa.

In the 70s, Canelita Medina made her dream of partnering with the great Celia Cruz come true. After her came her great international success in 1980 with the song “Tanto y Tanto” with the group “Sonero classic del Caribe”. Canelita Medina's musical legacy immortalizes her among lovers of salsa and Cuban son, in testimony of her dedication and contribution to the musical world.

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