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Rummy is trend

Read here the column "Punto Criollo" by Alfredo Cisneros

Adjusted to the terminology imposed by the “language” of the networks, we can say that Rummy Olivo is currently a trend in the different portals offered by the Internet identified with Venezuelan musical folklore. Faced with the apathy and indifference of many, the Guariqueña singer makes a public call to the guild of folklorists to join forces, contribute ideas and work towards an approach to our children and young people, who are “trapped” and negatively influenced by various musical genres. foreigners that distance us from our musical identity.

On its Instagram portal, Rummy Olivo does NOT say so, but implies that it is reggaeton that causes such a negative influence on our children and youth population: “We must do work that reaches homes, schools, institutions to bring our folklore to our children and young people, who are negatively influenced by other genres, by other countries, other cultures, which have contributed to social decomposition in our country, with their grotesque and vulgar language disguised as songs. As popular cultists, we are responsible for taking a position to reverse this situation. We should not only worry about 'sticking' a song and staying relevant on stage. We must leave a legacy, something positive and important in favor of respect for our identity, our musical culture, our homeland.”

That's the message. We will see how many folklorists - composers, musicians and performers - from the llanero line and other branches of folklore actually come out of their comfort and passivity and join the call of Rummy. We all know that reggaeton has that “effect” on our population, under the silent “complicity” of the radio and our cultural authorities. I sing badly, but I write well; and Rummy is counting on me…!

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