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The Queen and I

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Reyna Lucero is one of those characters for whom one thanks life for knowing her and, even more so, for belonging to her legion of friends thanks to a friendship consolidated over time and strengthened in the distance. My encounter with “The queen of the criolla song” or, “The always queen of the plainsong,” occurred in recent days. Specifically, in the official presentation to the press of the video clip for the song “Give him a thumbs up”, in the interpretation of Rummy Olivo and Francisco Pacheco.

Without a doubt, when we meet Reyna Lucero the song “Carrao, Carrao” reverberates in our minds, which belongs to the renowned composer José “Cheo” Ramírez, and Reyna Lucero turned it into her best letter of introduction on stage on the harp of the teacher Guillermo Hernández. As you know, the “Carrao” is a large bird with a particular trill that abounds in the Venezuelan savanna, which in countless songs the llanero humanizes and turns into a confidant and witness of his loving sorrows.

With more than four decades of artistic career, Reyna Lucero remains present and current in several generations of Venezuelans with that wide musical repertoire, in which “Carrao, Carrao” is an important part of her presentations, under her war cry: “Hey ”…!

Reina Romero García was born in the valleys of Santa Cruz de Aragua, Aragua state. Her story on the Llanero stage begins in 1975, when she debuted in a radio program for amateurs on the now defunct “Radio Central” of the Aragüeña capital; Later she met Simón Díaz who introduced her on his Venezuelan music program “Rumbos, Coplas y Canciones”, broadcast by the then giant “Radio Rumbos”. The rest is a story well known to the Venezuelan people who recognize, love and applaud Reyna Lucero as “The queen of the Venezuelan song” or, “The always queen of the llanero song.”

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