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Aeronautical firefighters attend to fuel leak in Laser plane

Passengers on flight 1966, bound for Cancun, of the Laser airline, alerted about the fuel canister through the right ventilation of the plane, which was attended by the Aeronautical Firefighters at the Simón Bolívar International Airport in Maiquetía. 

According to the Airworthiness Report of the airline, the YV3445 aircraft presented fuel leak through the right vent, due to the failure of the automatic fuel transfer system from the auxiliary tank to the central tank.

They carried out a reconnaissance flight to burn the fuel and returned to the Maiquetía airport for their check, according to security protocols.

According to a specialist in aeronautical safety, the failure is considered a minor safety incident, which occurs due to the overload of fuel in the aircraft's auxiliary and main tanks. 

The incident occurred at 8 am when the plane was leaving for Cancun. The personnel of the airline Laser and Aeronautical Firefighters carried out the repair of the power line, which remained operating satisfactorily.

The passengers remained in Maiquetía, while the maneuvers and repair of the plane was carried out, which resumed its commercial operation at noon, to comply with the flight schedule of the Laser airline.

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