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Children suffer from anxiety

It is often thought that anxiety and depression are disorders that only occur when we are adults. Today we know that children also experience this condition, but they cannot express it.

Most of the time, lack of knowledge prevents timely detection and intervention.

One of the main risk factors in children is a family history of depression or other mood disorders. Children with parents or close relatives who have experienced depressive disorders are more likely to develop the condition.

The child's exposure to permanent states of intra-family conflict or situations of war danger cause permanent states of anxiety. Likewise, the lack of emotional support, absence of positive social relationships, bullying, excessive academic pressures are factors that can contribute to anxiety in children.

Lifestyle is another factor to take into account for children's mental health, such as absence of routines, times for eating, sleeping, doing homework, lack of physical exercise, unhealthy diets, overexposure to electronic devices.

Depression in children is a complex issue that requires being understood and taken seriously and committed by parents, teachers and others involved.

Once the existing risk factors are understood and defined, work can be done on the detection, prevention and effective treatment of depression in children.

Our children deserve a pleasant and safe environment.

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