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vicarious violence

This is a complex phenomenon, the presence of which we know little about, but it is more than we want to accept. It is exercised by a family member who threatens or mistreats the children to maintain control over their partner or ex-partner. It is a generally masculine behavior but, unfortunately, some women also exhibit it.

Days ago, a video went viral where a mother brutally beat her one-year-old child and sent him to his father, as a coercion for him to return home. Violence perpetrated by mothers is a delicate topic that deserves to be addressed with honesty and sensitivity. Sometimes this is exercised in a subtle way, denying the father to see the children, undermining the trust they have in him, discrediting her image, etc.

The example cited shows that vicarious violence is not only male, but can also be exercised by the mother, which is worrying, since it is a figure of attachment and protection for children. The mother must be aware of her actions, which not only affect the partner or ex-partner, but also have an impact on the psychological and emotional development of the children and, therefore, affect their mental health.

Children experience insecurity, confusion, divided loyalties, anxiety and stress when caught in conflict between people they love.

This problem requires attention and action from society as a whole.

The purpose of demonstrating this is to raise awareness, provide support and promote appropriate intervention to eradicate violence.

Protecting the well-being and mental health of our children is everyone's responsibility.

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