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Elections and mental health

Elections are often times of political upheaval where emotions run high.

However, lately we have witnessed a worrying phenomenon such as the emergence of hatred and division during these processes.

Hate as part of the political context is not new, but its intensity is. In this era of social media, this phenomenon has been taken to worrying levels of polarization that intensify as election day approaches.

One of the reasons may be the growing political tribalization where supporters of political groups identify with their candidate in such a way that they perceive the other as an enemy and not as an adversary. The mentality of “us against them” and vice versa is fueled by all of today's technology.

Online misinformation and defamation play a significant role in creating such sentiment, before, during and after election periods. The líderIt is politicians, the media and society as a whole, we have the responsibility to encourage a more respectful and constructive discourse.

Civic education and media literacy are important tools to counter misinformation and promote informed and healthier political discourse and debate.

Promoting hatred in electoral contests is not only a political problem, but a moral and social challenge that demands a collective response. By fostering mutual respect, empathy and understanding, we can counteract hate and create a more cohesive and fair society.

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