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Discipline and parenting

Talking about discipline in the upbringing and training of boys and girls generates a wide debate in today's society, so it is necessary to clarify that the establishment of limits in behavior, discipline and loving upbringing are not at odds with each other, being fundamental for the comprehensive development of children and their safety.

Establishing limits and rules creates a framework for their behavior and provides them with the emotional security necessary to develop in a healthy environment. Discipline is not about imposing rules and applying punishments, but about teaching them that their actions have consequences and they must assume responsibility in case of transgression of them.

It involves developing skills to manage your emotions and promote self-control. Loving parenting is not about letting children do whatever they want, it is about defining behaviors by establishing clear rules, with respect and without violence. Have schedules and routines, as this provides security and stability. Establishing limits teaches them respect for others, their spaces, assuming responsibilities, developing skills for coexistence.

Effective discipline is not opposite to loving parenting, but rather they complement each other; it involves establishing limits with understanding and empathy, promoting healthy emotional development and preparing for coexistence in adult life. By providing a safe, stable and loving environment, parents and adults in the environment have the opportunity to foster positive skills that allow them to face life's challenges with confidence and security.

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