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Zenless Zone Zero exceeds 50 million downloads

Mihoyo's new ARPG reaches this milestone less than a week after its launch

Mihoyo, the Chinese studio based in Shanghai, does not stop bringing stratospheric successes and the recent release of Zenless Zone Zero is further proof of this. Its new ARPG, which arrived on June 4, 2024, exceeded 50 million downloads worldwide across the platforms where it is available such as PlayStation 5, Android, iOS and PC.

As a gesture of gratitude, the developers They offer all players an additional reward. Players will receive 1600 Movie units and the reward can be accessed through in-game mail as a “Thank you gift for entering the city.”

Players should have reached Inter-Knot Tier 1 to be eligible for this reward before the release of version 1.1.

Film is a valuable resource in Zenless Zone Zero, a currency that can be obtained by converting film to monochrome. Players can use it to recharge the battery, purchase items such as the Master Tape or Encrypted Master Griffon, and purchase levels of the new Eridu City Fund.

Additionally, the developers are very interested in player feedback to improve the experience of their playable characters.

What is Zenless Zone Zero about?

Zenless Zone Zero is a brand new 3D action game from HoYoverse, offering an exciting combat experience. Form a squad of up to three people and begin your assault with basic and special attacks. Dodge and block to neutralize your opponents' counterattacks, and when they're stunned, unleash a powerful combination of chain attacks to finish them off! Remember that each opponent has different characteristics and it would be wise to use his weaknesses to your advantage.

This new installment of HoYoverse has a unique visual style and design. With its carefully crafted character expressions and fluid movements, you will easily immerse yourself in the fascinating world as you embark on your own journey. And of course, every VIP deserves their own soundtrack, so you'll also have groovy emotional beats to accompany you through every unforgettable moment.

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