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The new Risk of Rain 2 update is now available

The Devotion Update announced during The Triple-i Initiative has already been released and with new content for Hopoo Games' roguelike

This May 20, Risk of Rain 2 has been updated for free by Hopoo Games. This update It had been announced at the Triple-i Initiative and brings us new content, bug patches and a lot of other surprises.

This update is a letter of gratitude to the fans of the game from the studio, the studio hopes that players will appreciate the new content and the fixes they made to the game for a total enjoyment of this experience.

What does the Risk of Rain 2 Devotion Update contain?

2 new artifacts were added to the game pool, keep in mind that this game is a Rogue-Lite and in these games there are generally objects that modify a specific aspect of the game. In the case of Risk of Rain 2 these objects are artifacts.

The Artifact of Devotion, and the reason this update is called that, replaces drones with interactive eggs that spawn Lemurian companions. When interacting with the egg, it will ask for the sacrifice of an element to generate the companion. The item is given and applied to the Lemurian immediately and will be shared with others.

Each teleportation event these companions survive will make them stronger. When Lemurians die, they drop a chunk of the same item level they were given and their item is removed from the item pool.

The is now-available

The Artifact of Delusion is an item that resets chests after the teleporter event, allowing players to obtain more benefits from these chests. Every time the player purchases a chest before the transporter event, the chest will remember their choice, then after the event, the player will be presented with a choice of 3 where the item obtained before the event and 2 more from their inventory will be found. . If the player chooses the same object he will have the bonus twice, but if he makes a mistake he will lose the selected object.

A new Map to explore called Verdant Falls that will provide players with a large exploration space and a Dead Cells Prisoner Skin in commemoration of an event that occurred in the first Risk of Rain in that game.

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