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Xtreme E-Sport Arena finally opens its doors

The new arena is emerging as the largest and most advanced in the Capital District to date

In Venezuela, every month the being and feeling of gamer culture continues to materialize and spread in some way or another. Just this week, we had the opportunity to attend the inauguration of advanced of the Capital District”, not to say that of the entire country.

Image courtesy: Xtreme E-Sport Arena

“At Xtreme E-Sport Arena, we know that E-Sports are not only a form of entertainment, but also a platform for personal and professional development, which has benefits and generates a significant impact on the lives of players. This is why our value proposition seeks to strengthen the gaming community and grow this industry that is developing rapidly in the world,” said Katherina Di Battista, president and founder of Xtreme E-Sport Arena.

Many state-of-the-art gaming stations

Xtreme E-Sport Arena, located in the Madrid Financial Center of Las Mercedes, has a large space equipped with more than 50 Dell Allienware PCs, 4070ti and 4090 graphics cards with Samsung Odyssey G4 monitors that have a refresh rate of 240 Hz. They ensure a fluid and immersive gaming experience, ideal for both casual players and professional competitors.

For racing and console lovers, the Racing Zone offers 4 state-of-the-art simulators from the Fanatec brand, with bases, pedals and steering wheels mounted on Next Level rigs, inspired by the Ferrari team. In this area, the excitement of motor sports will be experienced to the fullest and the adrenaline will be real when experiencing the more than 120 degrees of vision offered by Samsung ultra wide monitors.

The arena has a Streaming Area for live broadcasts. This room has other Alienware equipment, Rode microphones, a sound amplifier, a stream deck, lights and two 4K cameras, in addition to a video capture device and four Samsung G7 monitors.

Additionally, the Consoles and Virtual Reality Zone has 14 PS5s, 2 Nintendo Switches and a MetaQuest 3. It is important to mention that, at the time of writing this article, the arena has the availability to play some of the most famous and competitive shooters. current ones such as Valorant, Call of Duty, Counter Strike 2, XDefiant, among others.

The team inquired about this and was informed that this is due to the Law for the Prohibition of Video Games and War Toys that has been in force in Venezuela since 2010 and thus avoid legal mishaps.

Xtreme E-Sport Arena will start with its first Intercollegiate Tournament

“Supporting education and making esports accompany the development of players is part of our reason for being, and we are proud to announce the first FC24 Intercollegiate E-Sports Tournament with Mercantil as Official Sponsor. This championship will take place between October and November. Part of the prizes will go to the social work of each winning school and another will be a contribution to the school enrollment of the winning students.

In this same sense, for the holiday season we have designed 5 weeks of digital camps under the bootcamp modality where participants will rotate from station to station. In a first educational block, in the morning, they will learn techniques for creating content, developing effects on YouTube, event production, sports narration, managing social networks and practicing in games like FC24. Then, in the afternoon, they will participate in an E-Sport tournament by producing and narrating their own event,” explained Di Battista.

This new arena is the ideal place for video game lovers, where they can compete in a professional space, win prizes for their performance, enhance their skills and enjoy an environment in which they can meet other players and form teams of different specialties.

For more information about the arena and its various projects, you can follow them on their social networks like @xtremesportarena or visit their website.

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