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XDefiant: All the content coming in Season 1

Ranked mode, three new weapons, new maps, a new faction arrive this June 2 to the Ubisoft shooter

As Ubisoft promised last month, the first season of XDefiant is set to arrive this July 2 with new content. Although, they gave us a little preview of what would come such as the new faction, weapons, game modes and more; Today we know everything thanks to the transmission of the XDebrief.

GSK Faction:

  • Skill 1: GSK Shock Wire: Slows and electrocutes enemies that walk on it.
  • Skill 2: GSK ADS (Trophy System) – Can be mounted on walls and will destroy all incoming grenades in a specific radius.
  • Passive: Deflects headshots (reduced headshot damage, sniper rifles will even require two headshots to take them out)
  • Ultra: GSK Flashshield: Shield equipped with a flashbang, players will be able to use a pistol to shoot while the ultra is enabled.

New weapons:

  • LVOA-C Rifle (Assault Rifle): According to Patrick “Aches” Price, it is an “improved M4.” Better handling, faster rate of fire, but with less range and more recoil. One of the fastest killing assault rifles when it comes to body shots.
  • L115 sniper rifle: a middle ground between the M44 and the TAC-50. It's not too slow or too fast, but it's reliable for a one-shot kill.
  • Sawed-Off Shotgun (Secondary) – Much weaker than primary shotguns, especially in terms of range. Your movement speed will be slower compared to guns. It will be faster than SMGs, but 5-10% slower than other secondary weapons.

New maps: 

  • Clubhouse (available at launch)
  • Daytona (in season launch)
  • Rockefeller (in season release)

New game modes:

  • Capture the Flag (available at launch)
  • Search & Destroy (during the season)

New weapon masteries

  • Titanium Violet (Mastery Level 4)
  • Blue Titanium (Mastery Level 5)
  • Titanium Prism (Mastery Level 6)

Ranked mode finally comes to XDefiant

As it could not be missing in a game with competitive features such as XDefiant, Ubisoft is ready to implement the ranked mode to the game with seven classifications: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Ruby, Emerald, Diamond and Legends.

Among the most notable details of the mode are the following:

  • Players will be able to play ranked right when Season 1 begins, but that will be in “Ranked Practice” for seven days. Once the warm-up period is over, the ranges will reset.
  • There are no restrictions from Bronze to Diamond (a four-man team can be all bronze, a mix of the different levels). However, once a player reaches Diamond level, the Diamond player's party size will be reduced to two per team (same with Legends).
  • Once a season ends, depending on how well you did in that season, players will return to Silver (various levels of Silver depending on performance), except for Bronze level players who will remain at Bronze.

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