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XDefiant reaches one million unique users two hours after its debut

The new free shooter becomes the Ubisoft game that has reached this number of players the fastest

On May 21, XDefiant, Ubisoft's free shooter, finally arrived and is finally available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC after constant delays and a lot of uncertainty. During its first beta, it reached one million simultaneous players, and now, it seems that it has surpassed this same milestone less than three hours after its launch.

According to sources of Insiders Gaming, the shooter becomes the Ubisoft game that has reached one million unique players the fastest. But there's even more, because just two days after its launch, it already has more than 3 million unique players and nearly 300.000 simultaneous players on all platforms.

Although it is a bit complex to evaluate the metrics of a title on PC, since it is currently only available through Ubisoft Connect, in the Xbox store and the PlayStation Store we can see XDefiant positioned between first and second place in the list of free to play titles from both stores at the time of writing this article.

  • XDefiant reaches one million unique users two hours after its debut
  • XDefiant reaches one million unique users two hours after its debut

XDefiant needs more than a million users to maintain itself

As it is a free to play game, its success will depend on how much it manages to monetize thanks to the users who play every day. Unlike other proposals of this style such as Apex Legends, Call of Duty and others, its monetization system seeks to be competitive to carve out a space in the market to generate income through cosmetic items and the battle pass.

Although it repeats the same “mistake” as Call of Duty (its direct competition) by offering skin packages for $30, it continues to be a completely respectable strategy by focusing only on customization items and not on things that encourage Pay To Win .

The game also has several “Founder's Packs” that vary in price. For example, the most basic costs 1000 XCoins ($19.99) which includes automatic faction unlock, in-game currencies, weapon upgrades, skins and more.

XDefiant reaches one million unique users two hours after its debut

The two most expensive packages are the “Elite Founder's” costs 3000 XCoins ($39.99) and the “Ultimate Founder's” costs 5000 year of XDefiant.

Speaking of the first year, Ubisoft already has a Roadmap planned for three new maps. Each season will also have a 1-level battle pass, as would have been planned in the roadmap presented in last year's open beta.

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