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Xbox is working on a remaster of the first Halo that could also come to PS5

A report claimed that the project is in an early phase of development and is being considered for release on PS5

In 2024, Microsoft has been in charge of restructuring its market strategy, leading to some of its exclusives such as Hi-Fi Rush, Sea of ​​Thieves, Grounded and Pentiment to other platforms such as PS5 and Switch. Now, a recent report revealed that Xbox is working on a remastering of Halo: Combat Evolved, this being the first time we saw Master Chief from Bungie before it was acquired by Sony a few years ago

Halo: Combat Evolved has already been remastered once before as part of Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary. The remaster included the game remade with 343 Industries' in-house game engine and would include achievements, terminals, and skulls. The game was originally released in November 2011 and was re-released as part of Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

According to The Verge's Tom Warren, Microsoft is preparing plans to remaster Halo: Combat Evolved for current-gen, and is even reportedly considering a PS5 release. Warren is quick to point out that we are “in the early days of this remaster” and that planned platforms are still to be determined.

“However, one game that is being considered for release on PS5 is Halo. “Sources tell me that Microsoft is working on some sort of Halo: Combat Evolved remaster that is also being considered for rival consoles,” Warren says in the article.

The Xbox Games Showcase is just around the corner, but this Halo is not

In case you're hoping to get official confirmation this week, the report warns Xbox fans not to "expect Microsoft to announce this during the show (the Xbox Games Showcase)," due to how early it is in development.

It also outlines other details about the upcoming Xbox Games Showcase, including the fact that Microsoft will be porting other games under "Project Latitude." However, according to Warren, Fable, Gears 6, and South of Midnight are not currently planned to come to other platforms.

These are just some of the Xbox titles that we will see this June 8 starting at 1 pm Venezuela time. Id Software is expected to reveal the next Doom game, learn more about Contraband, Machine Games' Indiana Jones, the new Fallout 76 update, and many other surprises.

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