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New World, Amazon's MMO is finally coming to consoles

Amazon accidentally revealed its new expansion in the PlayStation store, indicating that the title will no longer be exclusive to PC

Some PlayStation Store users spotted an unreleased ad for something called New World Aeterum, which was later removed. Everything indicates that this is about Amazon Games' successful MMO no longer being exclusive to PC and making the jump to consoles with a new edition.

The user of Reddit who saw the “sponsored” content said that clicking on it brought up an error message and it was soon removed from the store.

Aeternum is the main location and the name of the island in New World released in September 2021 and which received its first expansion called “Rise of the Angry Earth”, which we were able to review here at

It is important to mention that, this Friday, June 7, the Summer Game Fest will take place, with presentations from more than 40 publishers and developers for two hours, where Amazon Games confirmed its participation as a partner of the event.

This could indicate that, if this is entirely true, Amazon Games is preparing to release a different version of the game for consoles or a rebrand involving more platforms. However, it is important to mention that, for now, it is better to take this information with caution until an official confirmation from its developers.

Amazon has more projects on the way, beyond New World

At the end of May, Amazon also announced that it has partnered with Maverick Games, a studio that has former Forza Horizon developers for a new open-world driving game that will come to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

This publishing deal joins Amazon Games' growing portfolio, which includes open-world role-playing games New World and Lost Ark, and upcoming titles such as Throne and Liberty and the next major installment in the Tomb Raider series, among others.

“We founded Maverick Games with a clear vision: to build a developer-focused studio that fostered an environment of creativity and risk-taking,” said Mike Brown In an interview.

“This approach allows our team to produce the most exceptional work of their careers. And ultimately, that means we're creating a game our players will fall in love with. Without giving too much away, I will share that the team here is excited about our game and we can't wait to share it with the world.”

Despite this, a specific release window for the game is unknown.

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