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Markus Phoenix is ​​set to return with Gears of War: E-Day

The Coalition finally revealed the new title of the Gears saga, being a sequel with the Locust invasion

Gears of War: E-Day was unveiled today in a surprise announcement during the Xbox Games Showcase, along with an explosive trailer leading up to Emergence Day. He trailer presents us with this decisive moment in the Gears of War series in which the fearsome Locust make themselves known with a brutal ambush from below against the world of Sera.

This upcoming title will be a prequel where we will follow the younger versions of the series' original heroes, Marcus Fenix ​​​​and Dom Santiago, as they begin their fight against the Locust invasion. This event is the catalyst for everything we know and love about Gears of War.

According to The Coalition, fans of the main Gears of War games can expect to feel right at home with how Gears of War: E-Day feels.

The studio is working to recreate and enhance the series' signature third-person action, moving from cover to life-or-death situations, all within an explosive campaign that combines satisfying gameplay and emotional character-driven storytelling. However, they also mentioned that they will also focus on a modern approach with new technologies.

Unfortunately, this reveal was only a cinematic trailer without gameplay and did not give an approximate release window, so we might have to wait until 2025 or even 2026 to play it on Xbox or PC.

Gears of War: E-Day will make the most of Unreal Engine 5

Kate Rayner, technical director of The Coalition studio, stated that the game will offer an “unmatched visual experience.”

“With the advances in Unreal Engine 5, the leap in technical capabilities is tremendous,” he said. “This includes over 100 times more environmental and character detail than Gears 5, hardware ray-traced lighting, reflections and shadows, next-gen destruction and gore, and cutting-edge animation technology, to name just a few of the countless improvements that will make Gears of War: E-Day an unmatched visual experience.”

Markus Phoenix is ​​set to return with Gears of War: E-Day

“Our ambition is to once again set a new standard in technical excellence,” adds Rayner. “We have completely modernized Gears from the ground up, infusing the Gears DNA with all the capabilities of modern gaming technology. Every character, environment and animation in this new installment has been completely rebuilt in Unreal Engine 5, allowing us to portray the Gears universe with unprecedented detail and fidelity.”

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