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FragPunk, NetEase's new card-based Hero Shooter

From the same developers of Marvel Rivals, this new proposal with competitive potential was shown during the Xbox Showcase

This year's Xbox Game Showcase has left us quite a few surprises and FragPunk is no exception when it comes to titles. This time NetEase introduced an FPS Hero Shooter with card mechanics during combat.

Similar to the game 'Friends Vs Friends', this Shooter focuses a lot of gameplay on the skills of the cards. With the addition that each character will have the recurring roles of the Hero Shooter (DPS, Tank, Support).

Although no specific release date was announced, Xbox and PC players will have access to the game sometime in 2025. You can access it for free in the store. Microsoft y Steam respectively.

NetEase is getting a lot into the competitive Hero Shooter market, with the recent rise of Marvel Rivals players believe that this game could be another success. Especially considering that it is quite similar to Friends Vs Friends.

The fact that FragPunk is a 5v5 Hero Shooter also makes players believe that the game has a lot of potential for the competitive scene, however, we will have to wait for its release and reception to see how true this may be.

However, the developer states that members of the press have already had the opportunity to test a version of the game. And they assure that, indeed, this new proposal has a lot of potential for a competitive scene never before explored. The combination of scenarios, cards and heroes gives a change to the already known formula.

FragPunk will feature various characters and cards coming to the game as part of a battle pass system. More than 70 cards, 10 heroes, 14 weapons and 4 maps will be present when the game is released.

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