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Bethesda will not rush the development of Fallout 5

Todd Howard, producer and director of Bethesda Game Studios, said they want to make sure they do it right.

With the successful premiere of the Fallout series on Prime Video, it was to be expected that new and old fans would have hopes that Bethesda would make the decision to accelerate the development process of a next main title in the saga. However, through an interview with Todd Howard, Director and Producer of Bethesda Game Studios, assured that everything will be done in due time.

“For other Fallout games in the future, obviously I can't talk about them at the moment, but I would say that we review them quickly, or we need to get things out that are different from the work we're doing on Fallout 76, we don't feel like we need to rush anything. of that,” Howard said.

“Right now, the Fallout TV show fills a certain niche in terms of franchise and storytelling. I totally want a new mainline single-player game and look, those things take time. I don't think it's a bad thing that people miss things too.”

“We just want to do it right and make sure that everything we're doing in a franchise, whether it's Elder Scrolls or Fallout or now Starfield, turns into meaningful moments for everyone who loves these franchises as much as we do.”

“Obviously I can't talk about the things we're working on right now,” Howard told MrMattyPlays. “I would like to hold onto these things as long as possible and, you know, my perfect scenario for games is to announce and release them as quickly as possible.”

He also said that there are no current plans to modernize Fallout 1 and 2, nor to bring them to consoles.

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