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Xbox Game Pass will increase the price of all its subscription levels

The price increase and the new level without games on Day 1 will come into effect starting this July 10

It would be a vile lie if we told you that the price increase in Xbox Game Pass subscription levels was not yet to come, and especially after Microsoft completed the acquisition of Activision Blizzard King and the announcement of the arrival of Call of Duty Black Ops 6 to the service on Day 1.

Recently, Microsoft confirmed that starting July 10, a new subscription level called Xbox Game Pass Standard will be available, which will cost $14.99, which will not have the games on Day 1, but will allow access to the game on online and will be available starting in September.

Meanwhile, the Ultimate version will increase its price to $19.99 per month, PC Game Pass to $11.99 per month without any further relevant changes. However, the version of Game Pass for consoles will no longer be available to new users, while those who maintain said subscription active will be able to keep it for the same price, according to their website.

All of this means that new base Game Pass users will receive the “Standard” tier, which means that starting in September of this year, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and PC Game Pass members will be the only tier that will be able to enjoy the games that arrive on the service on the same day of their launch.

But… What is Xbox Game Pass?

In case you don't know what Xbox Game Pass is, it is Microsoft's gaming subscription service. Like Netflix, but with video games. For a monthly fee, players get access to hundreds of games, as well as day one titles from Microsoft studios, including acquired studios like Bethesda and spin-offs, and now Activision, Blizzard Entertainment, and soon King.

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