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Warner Bros Japan confirms Batman Ninja sequel

With the 2024 Anime Expo scheduled for July 4, DC has decided to surprise fans with this Batman sequel

On the morning of May 30, the Batman Ninja main account on X, confirmed with a poster the production of a sequel to this incredible 2018 animated film, It will be titled 'Batman Ninja vs. Yakuza League' and its release date is expected.

Reference Video – Batman Ninja 2018

Fans theorize that with the upcoming release of 'Suicide Squad ISEKAI', DC has decided to continue with the Asian-themed animation and has decided to approve a sequel to this incredible animated film.

Big names in the Japanese industry are related to this project, such as: Koichi Yamadera, Junpei Mizusaki, Kazuki Nakashima, Shinji Takagi, Yugo Kanno and Takashi Okazaki.

Seiyus, animators, directors, scriptwriters and composers involved in series such as: Cowboy Bebop, Afro Samurai, PSYCHO-PASS, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, among others.

Batman Ninja is a Japanese animated film that premiered in 2018, transporting the Dark Knight, with several of his enemies and allies to Japan during the Feudal period, thanks to a time machine.

When they arrive in Japan, Batman discovers that the villains of Gotham have become warlords, that feudals dominate several regions and he must fight them to return to his time period.

The film stands out for its impressive artistic design and it is expected that they will maintain the 3D animated oriental aspects that stood out so much during the film in this new sequel. The film, like the others from DC, will arrive on the HBO Max platform with subtitles and dubbing in Latin Spanish.

It is believed that more information about this project and Suicide Squad ISEKAI will be announced during the Warner Bros Japan presentation at Anime Expo 2024, which will be held from July 4 to 7.

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