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Stellar Blade exceeded its developer's sales expectations

South Korean studio ShiftUp is now considering a PC version and a sequel

Stellar Blade, the action-adventure game from Korean developer Shift Up that arrived exclusively on PlayStation 5 on April 26, has exceeded the expectations of its creators and they are now considering a port to PC, as well as a sequel to the game. qualification.

All this was revealed through a recent report detailing that ShiftUp will continue to expand and plans to release a new game every two to three years. The studio is currently working on a new IP called Project Witches, which will be a cross-platform game distributed across mobile devices, PC, and consoles.

Since its launch last month, Stellar Blade has managed to remain at the top of the PlayStation Store in different regions thanks to its great reception from critics and users, as well as the “censorship” controversy that surrounded him during his launch.

Like other PlayStation exclusive games, fans have been asking for Stellar Blade to come to PC, and ShiftUp is at least considering that concept. More recently, Ghost of Tsushima came to Steam and put up big numbers despite having some nagging issues.

At ShiftUp there is a push to strengthen the team and hire more developers as new projects emerge over time. It's not just new games, though: ShiftUp is said to want to protect existing intellectual property and buy some brands, but it wasn't detailed which ones.

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