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Sony is gradually stopping production of Blu-Ray discs

Collectors prepare for a dark age.

It's no secret that physical media is a dying art. With the dominance of streaming services such as Hulu, Max and Netflix, there is almost no need to collect Blu-rays, and this is something Sony already knows.

Plus, with the arrival of Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass, along with huge digital discounts through Steam or PlayStation Network. Physical games have also gone out of fashion.

That said, while physical media is dying in the sense that there are more avenues to get content digitally, that hasn't stopped the sale of physical copies.

It's still possible to walk into GameStop or Target or wherever and buy a game on its release date. That's at least for the moment, because Best Buy announced plans to stop selling movies, and more big-box stores could follow suit.

While those retailers could follow Best Buy's lead, or opt out entirely, it seems they'll eventually have no choice. This is because, according to a report by The Mainichi, Sony is looking to eliminate a significant portion of employees from its manufacturing base in Tagajo, Miyagi Prefecture.

That base is responsible for the production of Blu-rays, and reports paint a bleak picture for employees and collectors of physical media.

Sony is gradually stopping production of Blu-Ray discs (1)

In its report, The Mainichi notes that the manufacturing base in Tagajo, Miyagi Prefecture, is home to approximately 670 employees. Sony reportedly plans to cut 250 jobs. That figure is close to 40% of the plant's workforce.

The planned cuts and acquisitions arise from a decline in demand for physical media. Like Blu-ray discs, with companies like Netflix and Hulu dominating the playable media sphere.

Although it seems sad from a nostalgic point of view, this is what makes the most sense, since streaming services are eating up the entertainment market. So this is just a matter of time.

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