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Sonic x Shadow Generations will arrive on consoles and PC in October

Starting October 25 of this year, you will be able to play the Sonic Generations remaster with improved graphics and additional content

Today, during the Summer Game Fest 2024 stream, SEGA announced that Sonic x Shadow Generations will arrive in digital and physical formats on October 25, 2024. To celebrate the news, SEGA presented a new trailer which shows more of the game's high-speed action.

Play as Shadow in a new campaign with never-before-seen abilities that demonstrate why he is known as the ultimate life form. She speeds through iconic locations from Shadow's history, uncovering secrets hidden in a sprawling hub world, and unlocking new powers to take on Black Doom and save the world.

Sonic x Shadow Generations also includes a complete remaster of the acclaimed SONIC GENERATIONS, a time-traveling adventure with a collection of Sonic's greatest hits in 3D and 2D, now with improved graphics and new additional content.

Sonic x Shadow Generations Key Features:

  • Shadow's return: In this new standalone campaign, Shadow's nemesis, Black Doom, has resurfaced and threatens to take over the world once again. Shadow must travel to his past, confront his painful memories and unlock new dark powers to save the world.
  • Shadow evolved- Harness Shadow's new Doom powers to battle hordes of enemies and overcome platforming challenges like never before. Surf over water, fly over obstacles and stop time with the return of Chaos Control.
  • A journey through time and dimensions- Relive the most iconic levels from Shadow's previous adventures and speed through mind-bending 3D and 2D environments, distorted by the influence of Black Doom as Shadow works to rebuild the timeline and thwart his evil plans.
  • Explore the new white space: Stretch your legs in a new hub world inspired by the open-zone gameplay of Sonic Frontiers™. As Shadow gains new powers, he will be able to explore deeper and discover the secrets hidden everywhere.
  • The best of both worlds, remastered- Journey through a 3D and 2D greatest hits collection of iconic stages from previous Sonic games, now with updated visuals and revamped cutscenes.
  • New collectibles, additional content and much more: Rescue Chao hidden in each level, get the highest score in the Casino Nights area pinball and visit the museum to see art, music and much more.

SEGA also revealed the Digital Deluxe Edition of the game containing the title in digital format, exclusive bonuses for PlayStation, a Sonic Adventure Skin and more.

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